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Welcome to Solor, Inc.
Solor: Specialized Medical Billing for Practices

If your practice uses e-MDs®, and your billing department is in-house, chances are you are not maximizing your reimbursement. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. How do you hold your billing staff accountable? They SEEM to know what they are doing, but are you sure?

2. Does your billing staff have a vested interest in generating revenue for you, or are they just there to earn a paycheck?

3. Can you, at any time, see what you have billed, collected, and adjusted off over the last week, month, or year on comprehensive financial reports?

If you are uncertain about the answers to these questions, then perhaps you need the services of a professional billing company. Not just any billing company- SOLOR.

At Solor, e-MDs® integrated billing services are our bread and butter. We only provide billing services to e-MDs® practices.  We have specialized expertise using e-MDs® software dating back to 2003. We have provided revenue cycle management solutions that improve practice cash flow since 2006.

If you’ve never considered outsourced medical billing, why not? Solor’s Centralized Intelligence billing Database or “CID” allows us to maximize reimbursement from the charge entry process and payment posting to patient billing through professional statements.  With CID, if Solor encounters a new insurance company submission rules change or a denial for an older code that is being replaced with a new code, Solor will update its database and every practice in the Solor network  receives that change.  Your practice will always be up to date on the latest coding changes so that you maximize revenue!

But Solor is so much more than a billing and collections company. Solor provides e-MDs® specific solutions that no other company can. Our workflow process consulting services allow you to streamline your employee training process with e-MDs® specific steps that are easy to follow and duplicate.  This program is designed to minimize training time, especially for historically high turnover positions such as the front desk, provide standards so you can objectively evaluate employee performance, and give your entire staff access to the e-MDs® based internal training intellectual property that is usually housed with one person. This employee training and retention program is one of a kind and can only be found at Solor.

Solor also provides a number of services that can remove the stress from your office. From billing audits and chart audits to provider credentialing, we can provide you customized e-MDs® billing solutions. Click here to find out more.

Solor: Specialized Medical Billing for practices